Thursday, October 14, 2010

Veneztia and Murano, Italia

Today we took a private boat ride over to Murano to see the glass blowing and sites.

The boat ride was absolutely awesome! Here, Terrie and I sit in the back of the private water taxi while we head down the Grande Canal towards open sea and the island of Murano.

The sites on the Grande Canal.

The glass blowing was neat to see. Here the apprentice in the black T-shirt assists the two master glass artists in white T-shirts.

They were making beautiful little glass cups in the above picture, but also make other such beautiful things like these (below).

After glass blowing we wandered over to Murano's central canal.

Here I am next to the central canal. They do not have any rails or walls on their walkways. By the way...I'm still dry....even after multiple boat rides and canal walks.

The central canal in Murano is quaint with many glass nick-nacky shops.

We ate a snack afterwards street-side - or, more correctly, canal-side - where there was a wall to keep me from falling in. ;-)

PSYCH! No, Terrie isn't drinking coffee below...she's just taking a sniff of my espresso.

Afterwards, we took a boat ride back to Venice, to the Grande Piazza, and then slowly made our way back to the hotel (below).

Today has been fun!

Ciao for now!

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