Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cortona, The Apartment, and The Climb

I originally typed this on Sunday, but due to a glitch, I lost it so I am retyping this now. :-/

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Cortona, as you can see from the screenshot below - provided by Google Maps, sits on the side of a really steep hill.

For more information on Cortona, you can check out it's history on Wikipedia.

In part, I think, to give us the full exposure to Cortona, we met the apartment owner at the bottom of the hill and walked up into town. The other reason is only resident and town service vehicles are allowed into town (inside the town walls) as, since you can see, the town streets are quite narrow.

From the bottom parking lot, here is the entrance into Cortona.

After climbing the stairs, we continued upwards...

...and still had further uphill walking...

...and finally arrived in the town's main plaza (Piazza della Republica). This was one of many piazza's but this is the main piazza.

Crossing the piazza, we continued even further up to the apartment door (next to the "Restorante Tempora" - the apartment is several floors above the restaurant).

Hiking up the apartment outer stairs (3 flights!), we enter the apartment on the 3rd level and then have to go up two more flights of stairs to get to the top floor bedrooms. Here is the picture from the top floor, looking out over the piazza to the clock tower.

Here's a shot from the piazza looking up at our apartment building. Our rooms are the top row of windows and the very top center window. And yes, that is our laundry hanging out the top window.

I'll post the video of the climb from the street (just to the left of the above picture) up to the apartment and through the apartment later.

By the way, here's the clock tower from the piazza...taken from where I wrote the original posting (which was lost).

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