Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Game Cam Pics

In honor of my first blog posting, here are a few more Game Camera pictures I thought were pretty neat looking.

Here’s roughly where I had the game camera mounted.
Map picture

Here’s a Steller’s Jay from the backyard bird feeder.

And for good measures, here is a Calliope Hummingbird coming in at night to feed at dusk.

Here’s the type of game cameras I’ve made using a pelican 1020 case. First picture is a look at one of the first ones closed up. The second picture below is the insides. The camera is a Sony DSCW-90 and the camouflage on the outside is just bondo-glass and creative painting using outdoor colors from a good old Rustoleum spray can using leaves and plants from the yard for stencils.
Game Camera 136
Game Camera 138

For some other examples and pictures, check out

Monday, July 12, 2010

Game Cam Update From David

David sent a Game Cam update...

Here are a couple of cool pictures I got over the weekend, the first is an American Kestrel. The second is Mama Bear pawing my camera, yeah those are claws you see & baby in the background. Sooner or later I think she is going to eat my camera, I'm still on this set but have two cameras facing each other to see just what it is she is doing to the camera (the second camera is now on the far right tree) so next week I'll get pictures from two different perspectives. Dave

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