Friday, June 29, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire

Just so everyone who knew I was in Colorado Springs this week knows, I did make it out ok.

Here are some shots I took from my company's local offices there.

I was staying at the Hyatt just off of I-25 on Garden of the Gods Rd. This was just inside the evacuation area Tuesday evening (see the map below).

This map below showed the bulk of the fire into Colorado Springs suburbs. Basically the entire area on this map West of I-25 was evacuated. My company office was just outside the evac area to the East (just off the right edge of the map).

Here is a pic from a coworker who said this was the view from his house looking up and across the street. At this time, he thinks his house may be standing as he can remotely connect to systems in his home but he doesn't know for certain nor if or how much it may be damaged.

Sadly, we do know some of our coworkers have lost their homes though. All (and their families) are reported safe however.

As we were all told to leave and the office closed, those of us who were not from there all went home. And since all hotels in the state were sold out, I and others ended staying with coworkers Tuesday night and flying home Wednesday - it took me 24 hours from evacuation to get home though.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all effected by this.

For before and after shots.

For a time lapsed video.

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Location:Colorado Springs, CO