Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Old Family Pictures

I've been slowly scanning old family pictures and enhancing the color on some with different programs and so I thought I'd post two old family pictures.

This one is of my brother and sister before I was even born at Halloween time.

Lisa and David at Halloween

This picture is of my 4th Grade class. Can you find me? I'll give you a hint, I'm in the front row.

Concord Elementary School; Mrs. Evensen/Mr. Matsuoka, Grade 4, 1980

Picture Info: Concord Elementary School
Mrs. Evensen/Mr. Matsuoka, Grade 4, 1980

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Testing my Digital Camera/iPad Adapter

I thought I'd test my digital camera iPad adapters and picture upload ability before we head off to Italy. :-)

Here I just took a picture of some flowers in the backyard, imported them into my iPad, then cropped, framed, and uploaded to the Flaming Family blog....all in about 2 minutes!

Very cool! Looking forward to doing this from Italy!!

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Another Good XBOX Game

I'm posting this for my nephews! ;-)

I had a great game yesterday on Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2. This was played on the map called "Trailer Park".

Now if I could get a few more of these types of games in, it might be more enjoyable. ;-)

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