Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don and Gails 2011 Travel - Update #1

Picture 001

We are traveling again. We left home 2/3/2011 and headed south and hopefully to warmer weather. After stopping several times traveling down I-5 and Hwy 58 we arrived at Lake Havasu City. There we connected with high school friends from Montana. We will travel with them for the next few days and then leave for California.

Here are couple of pictures taken north of Parker, AZ.

 Picture 007

Picture 030

Sunrise in the desert

Picture 040


A refreshing swim in a desert river is always nice (Bill Williams River)

Picture 027


We will be at Lisa & Britt’s the end of February for Emmet’s 12th, Britt’s 50th, & Dean’s 41st birthdays. (Lots of celebrating ahead!) Then we are heading toward Texas. 

Mom & Dad/Don & Gail