Friday, October 15, 2010

Out of Venezia, Back to Milano

We just got on a train in Venice heading back to Milan where we'll be flying out tomorrow (Saturday) to London-Heathrow and on to Seattle.

Yesterday afternoon we wandered around town a bit, stopping at the Rialto bridge (shown below).

Below is a picture of the people and shops from the top, looking down to the far side.

After a bit more shopping and site seeing, we found a nice little restaurant to eat at (below).

We then hopped a gondola ride - and I'm happy to report it was accident free and I'm still dry.

The gondola ride was neat - taking us all through the main area of Venice and even out onto the Grande Canal (below) where we passed under the Rialto bridge.

That was yesterday evening. As I said, we're now on a train to Milan to fly home.

Ciao for now!

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