Sunday, October 27, 2013

We Are Home

We made it home yesterday, landing at about 4pm and arriving around 5pm. 

The flight home was, fortunately, uneventful. Terrie and I stayed up almost the entire way to allow for quick equalizing with the time shift. Fortunately we had some comfy seats and many movies at our disposal. I know I watched four movies and I think Terrie did the same. 

Picture of my seat - it faces backwards. Terrie's was just through the drop-down window facing forward. 
Note: The screen in the side panel swings out towards the seat and the seat lays flat for sleeping. Very nice. 

The only downside (minor) was our seat selections - we selected seats which happened to be right next to the cooler (refrigeration unit) exhaust vents. They happen to spit out into the cabin right where we were sitting. I think B.A. (British Airways) actually stands for "Big Apologies" as they did everything they could to cool the cabin and even offered to move us if it became unbearable. I'm sure everyone else was freezing as it was very pleasant for me by the end of the flight. I also offered to move in case anyone became too cold. Overall the flight was pleasant and calm. Customs was a breeze as well with Global Entry (I happened to find the only broken kiosk computer though - thought this was amusing, being a computer geek).

Upon arriving home, the cats were meowing at the door and very happy to see us.  All yesterday evening they were stuck to us (mainly Terrie) like glue, running up and down the stairs to follow us. They especially loved it when we both awoke around 1am this morning as this was even more "play time" for them. 

Our welcoming

Note: No shots of Edna as she was being her skitty self while Dude was being his nebby (nosey) self. 

All-in-all it was a great trip and we had a fun time for the week off I had and the two weeks Terrie had; enjoying some beautiful sights, food, people and more. We both agree, though, we are glad to be home. Even if it is rainy, wet, and cold here in Seattle. :-)

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