Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emerald Isle Day 7

Today started out a bit rainy and blustery giving way to wind, clouds and glimpses of sun.

What We Did Today: We had a very leisurely morning with another fabulous breakfast. No singing at breakfast though we had loads of laughter with the other guests.

Our drive today took less than 2 hours to get to Dingle and by the time we arrived the rains had stopped and the sun was trying to get out. Aside from the gorgeous views on the way into town and the Atlantic Ocean just a short walk away from our B&B, today was ALL about the food. Not just food..."really gorgeous" food, as locals say.

First the views...

Now the food...

Once we arrived in Dingle we went to get a pint of Smitick's (Smithwicks) and a small bite to eat to hold us truu (through) to dinner. Dad had his 2nd beer in 30+ years. We stopped in James G Ashes Bar and had the best seafood chowder I have EVER eaten. It's made to order so if you don't want the icky, fishy salmon in it, you just say "no to salmon yes to everything else." Our choice included mussels, calamari, cod and clams. It was served with awesome, homemade soda bread (the bread here is to die for). Of course we got a side of chips (fries) and it's served with ketchup and mayo. Dean loves, loves, loves the mayo here and they put it on everything. Any food is a vessel for this creamy white condiment he adores. He's nearly convinced you could order mayo with a side of mayo!

Sunday is quiet in most towns in Ireland and Dingle was no exception. Many stores, restaurants, and a fair amount of pubs are closed on Sunday. Today was the day most folks were at home or in a pub watching the big Hurling rematch. When teams finish a game in a draw (tie) they just schedule another game to hold the rematch. There's no shoot out or sudden-death first score wins. The Kilkenny Cats won (team color: black and amber).

We then took the "long" walk around town and ended up at Murphy's for homemade ice cream (not just vanilla). Dean had peanut butter and brown bread ice cream mixed together to make peanut butter sandwich ice cream. Sounds bizarre right? Not so much once you taste it.

Then more walking down to the ocean where we heard the Killorglin Pipe Band playing bag pipes and drums on a street corner.

We walked back to the B&B, took a short rest then went out and ate another fabulous dinner. The food here has not disappointed yet.

What We Learned Today: We learned a little about the symbolism of Celtic Knots. Even though most stores were not open, I still managed to spend money. On the pendant below, the outside knot symbolizes Eternity. If you follow the line there is no beginning and no end. The spiral in the middle symbolizes Life-Death-Rebirth.

Word Of The Day: Weather like we had today is what the Irish call a "soft day." Rainy, windy and gray. Soft days are nothing new to us. As our hostess in Kenmare said this morning "It's a soft day today, one for staying in bed or one for the bar."

Tomorrow we shall live and dine like kings and queens.

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