Sunday, September 23, 2012

Off to the Emerald Isle

Day 1

We're off to a good start. We arrived in Dublin ahead if schedule. Customs was a large, hot room with long lines. It was worth the wait as we entered the country with a fantastic smile and well wishes for a lovely visit from the man who stamped our passports. Outside it's pouring gumdrop size rain. We expected wet but not quite this wet ... and cold. We're hoping by the time we get out of the city the forecast stays true and we get a bit of sun.

What I learned today: I can drive on the opposite side of the road and Dean is still an excellent navigator. The car rental folks gave us this sa-weet Audi S class. Fun to drive if it weren't for the dang curbs on the left side of the road. We were warned us right-side-of-road drivers tend to drift left and we be "mad to not get rental car insurance." Yes, I bumped a few curbs. Better curbs than parked cars, yes?

We're staying in the Georgian District near Trinity College and all the houses-apartments-businesses-hotels look so much alike we drove past our hotel 4 times before we found it. Only the color of the door and small placard beside reveals what lies behind. Could you pick out Baggot Court Townhouse?

What we did today: None of us really slept on the way over and we struggled to stay awake and get on Irish time. We managed to do a hop-on/hop-off bus tour around the city for a little over an hour and get a bite to eat. Good views from top deck of bus despite the rain. Below is a famous, very old pub (so famous we forgot the name)

Here is a drive by snapshot of Christchurch Cathedral. One of tree (3) cathedrals in the city (Christchurch, Trinity, and Guinness!).

Favorite Word of the Day: Variations of the word Three. Here it is pronounced 'tree'. Used in a sentence...Dat will be tree euro. It's da terd door on da right.

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Location:Dublin, Ireland

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