Sunday, September 30, 2012

Don and Gail Travel Update #7

After almost two and a half months in Portland enjoying family and friends, taking care of appointments and many repairs and maintenance on vehicles, we are once again leaving Portland and heading east. We don’t know how far east we will get before turning south because  of winter weather.

We have enjoyed our time here renewing friendships and seeing  things that we haven't seen for a while. We also traveled up to Washington to see son, David, and family and son, Dean, and wife.

David and Karla

Madison and Seth

Picture 057
David and Karla’s wonderful vacation cabin in Winthrop, WA, nearing completion.

Picture 009
Dean and Terrie

On August 24 we had our 50th anniversary! Below are a few pictures you might enjoy.

Don and Gail Flaming Wedding - 24 August 1962 - 1
50 years ago

35 years later

Picture 110
50 years later

Recently in Texas

We’re looking forward to seeing family and old friends around the country, making new friends, revisiting a few favorite places, and discovering wonderful new ones! We hope to find opportunities of service once again this year.

Don and Gail | Mom and Dad

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  1. awwwww... you still make a cute couple :D
    Happy 50th!!
    oxox hannah & co


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