Thursday, March 29, 2012

On The Road with Don and Gail #3

We are here in Corpus Christi, TX., well, actually Mustang Island which is considered part of Corpus Christi. The weather here has been wonderful, temp. in the 80’s with a light wind. It’s great for beach walking, bike riding, and driving on the beach. We spent several days in the San Antino area and re visited the Alamo, enjoyed the Riverwalk and the boat ride. Such a fun place with so much history!

Picture 018-004

Picture 033-002

We saw a lot of the countryside around the area north and west of San Antonio: Pipe Creek, Bandera (cute), and Utopia, Hondo and Bourne (pronounced Bernie). Bourne is just an adorable place with all it’s old buildings still in use today. Lots of shopping!

Here on Mustang Island a lot of nothing except flat sea grasslands and dunes on the gulf side with long sandy beaches. Padre Island lies just south and several small islands lie in the Intracoastal waterway, all of which must be used to get from Corpus to Mustang. Lots of birdlife and fishing due to all the water and wetlands. It’s neat. Our beach wasn’t pretty due to a big wind storm the week before we arrived. Tons of Sargasso seaweed which is so very different from any we’ve ever seen in the West. Lots of junk and interesting things to find from many different places in US, Mexico, Caribbean, South America, and who knows where. Had a great time collecting ‘sea beans’ which are really nuts, many types of little coconuts, seeds and pits. Some are very unusual.

Yesterday we went to the USS Lexington which is here in Corpus Christi and now a museum. It was so very interesting.

Picture 034-003

Picture 009-007

“Now hear this! This is the Captain speaking…..”

Next, we head for Houston to visit relations and enjoy the sights. Hoping everyone is doing well….

Mom and Dad (a.k.a. Don and Gail)

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