Saturday, March 3, 2012

Travel Update with Don& Gail #2

We are in Fort Davis, TX now enjoying the sun and the warmth.

A few week back while still in Gila Bend, AZ. at the RV park we were staying, we were treated to a wonderful dinner by chef Michael Joseph Patrick formerly chief of the Taj Mahal Hotel in India & a French restaurant in New York City. He made all of the salad dressings and the main dish was beef bourguignon. He is retired and lives outside of Tucson, AZ.

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While camping outside of Bouse, AZ. I went with friends and watched the Parker off road race and was it dusty.

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We have been on many rides in the desert and finding many interesting things. Like the Ocotillo in bloom, and several old mines some of which are just a large hole in the ground that goes down a long way.

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We spent about 10 days at Lake Alamo State Park and enjoyed many of the local residents, especially the coyote's singing and the wild burro’s singing.  The first day we heard a sound that we had never heard  before. It sounded like a large bird and it was very close, but we couldn’t see it. The next morning and evening there it was again, the same sound. We looked & looked but could see nothing.  We finally spotted it right next to our bedroom in the tree: a roadrunner in her nest.


While at Lake Alamo, Gordon & Shirley (Don’s brother & sis), joined us for a couple of days and then we traveled together to Tombstone & Bisbee, AZ., where we enjoyed a tour of the old mine and the streets of Tombstone.

Picture 028-002
Picture 007-006

This must be the Earp’s & Doc Holiday going to the OK Corral.

We also visited Fairbanks, AZ. where the weather is a lot warmer than that other Fairbanks we all know about.

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Picture 016-004

This is now a ghost town but was a railroad town in the 1800s supplying various mining towns.

It’s been great weather in the Davis Mountains of west Texas and wonderful bird watching.  Of course, the javalina that roam the state park can be a bit of a nuisance and a challenge. They are absolutely NOT afraid of humans! On Monday we are off to San Antonio for awhile.

We think of you all so often.  Love, Mom & Dad aka Don & Gail

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