Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Using the Force...

After purchasing a new camera for our upcoming Italy trip (the old one, albeit a digital camera, is a bit dated and quite a bit larger), I thought I'd test out the HD video feature of the camera on my brother, David (who, by the way, knows a lot about digital cameras as he builds custom "wild game" cameras with autosensing features to take wildlife pictures - just ask him!).

So I video'ed David while he was putting in my new wine fridge....thinking it would be a cool test. Turns out it was a bit humorous.

Go here for the full sized video of David.

In case you're curious about the camera I purchased, it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7. So far I'm quite pleased with it's quality...and among it's many features, it even has a built in GPS to see where you took your picture!

Ohh...and Special Effects in the video are courtesy of my Mac. The camera is completely compatible with my Mac and there was absolutely no software I needed to install! I just hooked it up and my Mac grabbed the pictures and video.

Here's a picture from my backyard.

Terrie's Pianese

NOTE: Click on the picture for it's full size. Once the full size image loads, click on the image to zoom in.

Can't wait to post some pictures from travels!

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