Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Computer Updates

Well....the mail server move goes slowly....(as my funds and resources are limited, I cannot afford a super fast data center).  It is about 95% through the move right now.  It timed out earlier due to the slow host I'm moving it hopefully it will not do so again (as I can only hit retry).

Dad's computer is looking much better as well.  I was able to import the image backup into a virtual machine, tweak on the settings a bit, and then get the system to load up.  Again, thank goodness I have a MacBook Pro - and VMware Fusion to create a virtual machine and dump the image backup of the system into it so I can tweak on it virtually without messing up the hard drive.

I've been cleaning it up and updating the OS with patches and all the apps with their respective updates.  To do this, I've been using Secunia and CCleaner by Piriform (short for "Crap Cleaner").  Secunia updates all of the non-Microsoft (and MS apps as well) apps in much the same manner as Windows Updates does - but better!

And CCLEANER removes all of the "crap" left over from updates, runs, etc.

I love technology....but I love it even better when it just works!  I guess this is why I have a Mac!

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