Friday, October 12, 2012

Italia Days 5-7 & Home


Day 5 was all about Cortona
We awoke to another sunny Tuscan day and were off to a slow start. We made our way down the hill to Camucia for the Thursday market. It's like Target comes to town in tent format. You can buy shoes, bedding, curtains, socks, underwear, clothes, food, kitchen ware and even some gardening tools. We bough some pecorino fresco and salami from Ambra & Alfiero. Afterwards we went to the Etruscan Musei in Cortona. We learned all about the Etruscan tombs which were found during excavation and saw some local, ancient art. We tinkered around town for a little while and headed back to the apartment for delicious leftovers from Ambra's home cooked meal the day before.

Camucia Market

Megan & Sebastian from Del Brenna

Day 6
The day we leave our favorite spot in Italy we woke to pouring rain, which somehow mimicked the tearful goodbyes we shared with Ambra and Sara that morning. We were instructed we must return and we promised to do just that...besides we have Ambra's new B&B to see.

After another round of hugs at the car, we began our trek to Roma. First a stop in Orvieto. This was the one town we stopped 2 years ago and wanted more time to wander around. We ate at the same restaurant we had lunch during our last visit. Dean shared a picture of the sandwich he had and they seemed delighted and honored to have return guests. They treated us to some homemade pastries and a small glass of dessert wine to accompany it. The unbridled generosity of many Italian people is unexpected and overwhelming at times.

Duomo Orvieto

We arrived at the hotel in Roma and took the free shuttle bus into town. We went back the neighborhood near the Trevi Fountain in search of the fantastic mushroom soup I had two years ago. It was still good and the best I ever had. Totally loaded with mushrooms.

The trek home
What is with the rain? We woke to rain and a very humid morning. Check in was a multi-layered process filled with lots of walking and check-points. We were fortunate to have minimal no lines in Rome. New York was another story and we made it onto our connection with only about 15 minutes to spare. Exhausted and so ready for our own bed, we arrived to an expected cool evening and rain.

Now, it's time to start thinking about the next trip!
Till then
T & D

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