Thursday, June 10, 2010

Email is Up! Email is back up and working.

Maintenance was successful.  I moved the virtual machine which is the email server to another virtual server host and was able to power off one of my hosts.

So now my office is much quieter and I don’t have to pay the electricity for that host to run just one virtual machine.

Now, everything comfortably resides on one host.


Next move is to see if I can get Zimbra to replace Exchange for email services.

Note in the above picture how much memory and CPU Exchange (FlameMail1 VM) uses vs. how much Zimbra uses.  Both VMs have been allocated 2GB of RAM (Memory).  Exchange uses nearly all of it (note the bar graph in the right column is in the red), Zimbra uses almost none.

But, that’s another project for another time. 

Happy emailing for now and thanks for your patience!

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