Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flaming Family Server Upgrades

This past weekend we went through the process of backing up and upgrading our primary server from Citrix XenServer 4.1 to a VMware ESX version 3.5!

All primary Flaming Family servers are currently up and accessible!

Why did we do this? Well...the license was expiring on the primary server and it was WAY more expensive than we could afford.

Any additional questions can be directed to Support.


  • We backed up the existing virtual machine servers using UltraBac UBDR Gold 4.0.

  • We replaced the virtual server host operating system.
    Existing virtual server host operating system is Citrix XenServer 4.1.
    New virtual server host operating system will be VMware ESX 3.5.

  • All incoming email was stored by No-IP and made available as soon as the guest virtual machines (VMs) were loaded on to the new virtual server host operating system.

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