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Ruby Flaming Memorial Post

On Friday, the 26th of February, our wonderful Mother and Grandmother, Ruby Mary Flaming, passed away at the age of 92.

Ruby Flaming

Grandma never had too much growing up...and I think that showed throughout her life in unique ways. Looking back, I can recall many many happy occasions.

We couldn't have too many sweats (especially before dinner)

We didn't have too strong a cup of coffee (at least that's what Grandpa told me on several occasions)

Her house was never too clean (I always remember her house as being clean and bright)

Her food was never too sweet or too salty ('cause, according to Grandpa, "that stuff will kill you")

One was never too full to have more of her cooking (and she always had more)

And I don't think she thought too often about herself as I don't ever recall her putting herself first. She was always thinking of others and what she could do for them.

She loved to show and share her flowers in her yard (and later in her garden)

She always shared her Fruit (of course her's came from Gray Bear

She would, from time to time, make us Sweabock (that oh, so heavenly German sweat rolls).

And I don't think my brother or I will ever forget Tapioca Pudding (we used to like Tapioca pudding until she made enough for a whole Summer).

I can honestly say, though, I don't have any memories of Grandma which do not also contain Grandpa. The two were a single, inseparable pair - a beautiful, fun, committed, and loving couple in their own very special way.

I truly believe we are all blessed to have known them and have had them in our lives.

While I will miss her, I am happy that she is with Grandpa again.

View the electronic version of the memorial card here.

View a photo album of Paul and Ruby Flaming here.


  1. Memories from her son, Don

    My Mother:

    Mom had a hard life as a child. She grew up in Arkansas and Oklahoma on a farm with 6 brothers and 2 sisters. She only went through 8th grade in school because she had to work in their fields picking cotton.

    What I remember of our mother is that she was always home for us and always busy. Monday was wash day, and I learned how to wash and hang clothes on a clothes line. Tuesday was ironing, and I learned how to iron. We had rabbits and chickens and I learned to feed, gather eggs and clean the chicken barn. Mom was a great cook. She could fix rabbit so it looked and tasted like chicken, and did this often for Sunday dinner when we would have company. She would can fruit and vegetables, jams and jellies, and bake wonderful bread. Many times we would come home from school and the bread had just come out of the oven. What a great smell! We’d slice off a piece, spread butter on it, and, boy, was that good!

    I remember going on family vacations. We would load up the car with all the camping gear and off we would go to Big Sur, Yosemite, Sequoia, or Bass Lake. Mom liked to fish and would catch most of the fish because dad was busy baiting and taking fish off of mom’s line. (This was mostly in self defense to keep from being hit in the face with the fish!)

    When I was in high school my dad, brother & I built a ski boat and named it “Ruby Too” after the Number One woman in our lives. Lots of good times were had together with family and friends in “Ruby Too”.

    After Dad retired they traveled throughout our country, and in the last few years as Gail and I have traveled, it was fun to call them and talk about where we were. Most of the time they could say, “Oh yes, we’ve been there, too!”

    Mom, we love and will miss you, but I know that Dad and Jesus were both waiting for you with open arms. Good by for now…

    your son, Donald

  2. Memories from Gail, her daughter by marriage:

    RUBY: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Sister, Friend…she was all of these. Commitment and love for her family are the marks that she left upon our memories. She was a homemaker of the highest calling and an example to her own, and to ME, her daughter through marriage. She was always willing to “roll up her sleeves”- at her house or mine - to help, no matter what needed doing. Mindful of the value of things, with an eye to the future, frugality was a companion of hers. She had a real gift of making the most of what she had to work with, and it was a real lesson to me. Mom didn’t like waste and often stepped right in to do something about it.

    Sewing and crafts were a delight to her and she shared them often with her family and grandchildren. Touches around our house and among our keepsakes remind us of her. And her meals were always delicious, and never once lacked a dessert! Her pies were the BEST! – and, thankfully, she taught me her secret to making wonderful crust. She gave me a treasured compliment when we were out together one day having dessert, telling me “We’ll have to teach them a thing or two about making crust, won’t we?” To be included so graciously to her status of pie maker is, indeed, an honor!

    Walking with her through her garden was always a delight. Her house in order, projects in process, tasty aromas, all were wonderful testaments to her commitment and love.

    One day, not so very long ago, she shared with me her commitment to Jesus Christ. When she was 12 or 14 years old, a travelling evangelist had been in her small community in Oklahoma, and with her Mother’s urging, she and her brothers and sisters went along to hear him speak. As she sat and listened she was greatly aware of her own sin and need of a personal Savior. In spite of her shyness, she stood, went forward to confess and invite Jesus into her life.

    The words to this song by Don Wyrtzen are so very true for Mom now.
    “Just think of stepping on shore --- and finding it HEAVEN!
    Of touching a hand --- and finding it GOD’S!
    Of breathing new air --- and finding it CELESTIAL!
    Of waking up in glory --- and finding it HOME!”

  3. To: "The Mosers of Clinton, Oklahoma"

    Do not weep, for I am free. I lived my life as was meant to be. I loved and laughed, lived so care-free. My family and friends were such a big part of me. But now I am part of something more. My spirit is free; free to soar. And as I completed my earthly plan, I left a gift for my fellow man. A gift so wondrous, so filled with love. A second chance; the gift of life. I gave others more time...To feel the hugs of ones they love. To hear the laughter of their friends. To see the sun rise on the horizon. To walk, to dance, to smile again. So don't be sad I ask again. My time on earth was not in vain. Please do not mourn about my fate. Just remember my life and celebrate. For all the great times we had together. Live on in our hearts and souls forever. So if you wish to honor me. Live your life in gratitude. Be kind to others, help those in need. It's up to you to sow the seed. Above all remember this. Do not mourn, for I am free. Poem by Sophie Longoria.

  4. It was great to see recent pic of my sister and her family. Paul and Ruby were of a generation "never tire of doing the right thing",(II Thes) My being raised without a dad, my mother saw to it that each school break as a rebellious teenager we travelled a 3-day bus trip to Caif to be with Ruby and family. We hardly arrived in the drive until I was enrolled in vacation bible school. All during the visit Paul was there after his day motoring to and from his job via bicycle to his job at Northup Aircraft he "Preached Jesus Unto Them". My being "them". Ruby always in the kitchen preparing rabbit from the hutches in backyard just a little different than the last meal, and always preparing figs from tree out back. With all her laboring, we always ate well. During a critical era of time in my life, seed was planted and made me the "child of God" I am today. Such a great impact and influence in the Moser clan of "how to live life" and never tiring of doing the right thing. Whenever their breath was breathed their creator reigned large. Being #9 in Moser family I saw siblings that lived imperfect and never without error. Considering it all, Paul and Ruby were closest of being Jesus human-like, walking in the Moser clan on Planet Earth that our Creator so allowed and orchestrated. I'm truly thankful he arranged it all in such a way that was for Virginia's good.
    Sister Virginia


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