Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don and Gails 2011 Travel - Update #6

Hello Everyone!

This is the last update and I thought you might be interested in some of our travel experiences. As we left Okla., we traveled straight north on I 35 Kansas and I 70. Weather was nice except for the wind 15 to 30 mph.

Stopped in Kansas at a very nice state park for a couple of days where we were one of two campers in the whole park.

Picture 265  Sunrise in Kansas

Picture 269

Little house on Kansas prairie

We left the park in Kansas and headed west on I 70 again with a 20 mph head wind & burned lots of fuel ($$$ Ouch!). As we crossed the Colorado, Kansas border it started to snow, but we made it to Denver, CO. with no problems. And the road we traveled was closed shortly after for two days!

We left Denver and headed north to Fort Collins taking US 287. Someone  had told us it was a short cut and a very scenic drive but forgot to tell us it got up to 8000 ft. Beautiful and quite historic, too.

Picture 278  

Picture 280

On to I 80 west and head winds again. (This stretch of Wyoming felt like being on top of the world) Then we had a stop in Utah for a couple of days to rest.

Picture 293

This was a gorgeous campground with only a handful of campers.  So lovely one day and quite rainy the next.

On down to I 80 again and through SLC and out past the Great Salt Lake, then further out past the Salt Flats and Bonneville.  It was gorgeous and eerie because of all the rainwater and the reflections-really something  to see.

Picture 310

I could have walked out there on it but it was too difficult to tell even up close how deep it was and what would happen and I was too chicken!

We entered Oregon on US 140 which is always a treat.  Traveling through Sheldon Natl. Wildlife Refuge (Nev) and seeing only one wild horse, then on down the steep 3 mile grade into Oregon.  What fun that is! The road is an 8% grade, a sheer drop off on one side and quite curvy.  The scenery stretched for miles and miles.  This is one of our favorite roads!

Picture 302


After several days of rain and wind and many long miles (over 800 miles) we decided to crash at a lovely Thousand Trails Park in Sunriver, Or.  We’ll leave here in a few days and spend awhile with (Gail’s) brother and wife before heading on to home.  Thanks for traveling with us! We love you all.

Mom & Dad aka Don & Gail

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  1. Those are truly beautiful pictures! The reflection in the salt flats is really neat!


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