Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don and Gails 2011 Travel - Update #2

Here are a few more pictures of the desert neighborhood when we were in AZ.

Picture 020

Desert Wren nest.

Picture 011

Gail and high school friend, Sylvia, examining some ruins at the old mining town of Shea, Az.

Picture 015

Picture 064   Picture 072

Picture 065

Picture 073

A few of the permanent neighborhood in a long ago ranch along the Santa Maria river northeast of Parker, Az.



A couple of desert rats.



After Two weeks and 3 birthdays we are out of Calif. and on our way east.

But here are a few or the highlights of all the birthdays.

Picture 084

Emmit turned 12 who is now about 4” taller then his mom.

Picture 118

Britt turned 50 and Dean 41 both on the same day!

Their were several other guest.

Picture 148

Britt, Mom & Dad

Picture 124

Son Dean & Terry (wife) above with Grandson Evan (left)

Picture 135

Grandson Ethan

Picture 151

And The Three Amigos singing Happy Birthday Mexican style.

Mom & Dad/Don & Gail

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